Pack bedding

For seasonal colour from March to November

We grow our Bedding Plants almost year-round, with a continuous production of 6-packs and 10-packs for our core product offerings. From the onset of March, our production spans a large range of bedding varieties, ensuring an excellent choice for distribution to our valued clientele from early April until mid-June.

During the summer months, we transition to producing Garden Mums and Violas, adding valuable sales potential to display areas. As autumn arrives, our assortment expands to include Pansies, Violas, Bellis, Dianthus, and Wallflowers. It's worth noting that the ever-popular Pansy and Viola are also available from March to April, allowing for a prolonged opportunity for sales through these cooler months.

New for 2024 - Premium Jumbo 6 pack lines
Colour-themed mixed packs of Basket Plants, ready for customers to plant up containers and hanging baskets without having to choose the individual plants.
Pick-up and go convenience for customers whilst maximizing sales potential on display stands.
More info coming soon. 

Late Spring and Summer Bedding

  • Alyssum 10pk
  • French Marigold 10pk
  • Lobelia 10pk
  • African Marigold 6pk
  • Ageratum 6pk
  • Antirrhinum 6pk
  • Begonia semp 6pk
  • Cineraria 6pk
  • Cosmos 6pk
  • Dahlia 6pk
  • Gazania 6pk
  • Geranium 6pk
  • Impatiens 6pk
  • Mimulus 6pk
  • Nicotiana 6pk
  • Petunia 6pk
  • Petunia Double 6pk
  • Portulaca 6pk
  • Salvia 6pk
  • Verbena 6pk

Summer Bedding

  • Cheiranthus 6pk
  • Dianthus 6pk
  • Garden Mum 6pk
  • Viola 6pk

Autumn and early Spring Bedding

  • Bellis 6pk
  • Cheiranthus 6pk
  • Cineraria maritima 6pk
  • Dianthus 6pk
  • Myosotis 6pk
  • Pansy 6pk
  • Polyanthus 6pk
  • Primrose 6pk
  • Viola 6pk