About us

From the very start of our business, quality and customer service have been the two most important aspects of our approach to growing plants.
In 1956 Raymond Firth and Peter Sharp bought an old and run down nursery dating back to the Victorian era on Keddington Road in Louth. At the time salads were produced, supplying local green-grocers.

Ornamental crops were quickly realised as the way to move forward and the old nursery was gradually re-developed.

By the late 1960's the business had out-grown the Keddington Road Nursery and a second site was developed at Fotherby in 1970.

Nowadays, all production is at our Fotherby nursery but the name Keddington Road Nurseries is retained in KRN House and Garden Plants.

Our nursery

We have several acres of glasshouses and polytunnels enabling us to grow a wide variety of crops.

Cooler crops are grown in the polytunnels and outdoor beds where we can harden them properly to withstand the rigours of exposed garden centre display areas. These plants will perform superbly for the gardener and landscaper.

Our environmentally controlled glasshouses produce our more tender crops and are used to give seedling and young plants the perfect start.
Our aim is to produce a well balanced plant which looks good, performs well for our customers and has plenty of sales appeal.